X-RAY: Patient Information

Appointment Details

  • No appointment is necessary for this test.
  • Patient must bring in signed referral form from physician and health card

Preparation No preparation required

Please inform the technologist if any of the following apply:

  • If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be, you may be told to postpone the x-ray.
  • If you have any previous trauma or surgery to the area please let the technologist know. You may be asked if you have had previous x-rays of the region so that we can request those images to do a comparison.


A radiological technologist will bring you into the imaging area. He/she will confirm your information and ask you for a short history. Depending on the area to be examined the technologist may ask you to remove some of your clothing and to put on a gown. You will also be instructed to remove any jewelery in the region being x-rayed. For each area being x-rayed there is a set protocol of views that we follow. Once these have been obtained and are of good diagnostic quality you will be allowed to leave. Radiological technologists do not give results. A typed report from our radiologist will be sent to your doctor.

The technologist will ask you to sit on a chair, stand, or lie on an exam table depending on the area being x-rayed. You may be asked to wear appropriate lead protection to shield radiation sensitive areas not being x-rayed. The technologist will step around a lead lined wall to take the exposure and ask you in some instances to take in a deep breath, or to stop breathing until the image is captured.